Monday, October 29, 2012

Make That FOUR Maryland QBs Done For The Year

I don't know what's in the water in College Park, or perhaps it's just the Randy Edsall Effect, but the Maryland Terrapins have lost their fourth quarterback to a season ending injury. Throw in the fact that Edsall chased QB Danny O'Brien out of College Park last winter faster than Rommel chased the Allies out of France and that makes it five. C.J. Brown, Perry Hills and now Caleb Rowe have all gone down with ACL tears. Devin Burns, who came in to replace Hills after his injury against NC State, suffered a season ending foot injury during the same game. 

So what does this mean for the Terps? Well, they're down to freshman linebacker Shawn Petty and freshman walk-on tight end Brian McMahon. Both played quarterback in high school, but that's a little different than playing at the FBS level, even if it is in the ACC. Honestly, this season has gone better than I expected it would without the QB troubles, but at this point it's hard to imagine anything going right for Maryland. They have a pretty solid defense but their ground game averages just 91 yards per game. They've had to play from behind several times this year and that is nearly impossible without a true quarterback. The one thing they can do is figure out more ways to get the ball in the hands of freshman standout Stefon Diggs, who is second in the ACC in all purpose yards with 1,354. The only problem? Diggs plays wide receiver. Kind of hard to exploit his talents without anyone to throw it to him. 

Editor's Note: Any DC fans currently enrolled at Maryland that was a moderately successful quarterback in high school might want to drop by Coach Edsall's office this week. Who knows, maybe you could blow out your ACL too. 

(Photo: Michael Dwyer, AP)

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