Friday, October 26, 2012

Mike Leach Institutes Twitter Ban at Washington State

Washington State head coach Mike Leach has had enough of his players' tweeting and has joined a growing list of coaches that have instituted a Twitter ban. The news comes after a couple of players tweeted something "vulgar in nature" and led to questions from student reporters from the Murrow News Service. The Tweets were unrelated to the football program, but with the amount of scrutiny college football players fall under anything negative reflects poorly upon the program. Leach went on the record stating that if he sees anything from his players on Twitter, regardless of the nature, those responsible will be suspended.

For any coach, but Leach in particular, the Twitter ban is a good move. Leach has had his fair share of unwanted attention the past few years and is no doubt excited to be back in the game. I don't blame him for wanting nothing more than to focus on football. He's already struggling to deal with forcing a culture change around Pullman where failure is acceptable. The last thing he needs is to deal with young players popping off about stupid stuff on Twitter and gaining the media's attention. Leach is a coach who's unafraid to take a stance, and he will leave you behind if you don't fall in line. After watching the Cougars' demise over the past decade, some tough love from their coach is exactly what they need to become competitive once again.

(Photo: Sports Illustrated, AP)

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