Monday, November 12, 2012

Video of the Century: Alabama Fan Playing Call of Duty During Final Drive is the Reason YouTube Exists

I couldn't wait until tomorrow's VOTD to post this because I've been completely hypnotized since the first time I watched it. This kid is an absolute Renaissance Man. Simultaneously calling perfect outside zone plays to Eddie Lacy and absolutely GHOSTING terrorists in Mondern Warfare 3. Dolling out the most polite shit talking to Johnny Manziel that I've ever heard ("You're a good quarterback, but I hate you!") while sniping people and getting the +50 Kill Shot bonus. Blasting Alabama for throwing the ball late and killing dudes while he's trying to figure out if he's even logged into the game anymore. Just intoxicating. I've never been more impressed by someone in the grip of a complete nervous breakdown.

You're going to need headphones or extremely quiet speakers if you're watching at work. McCarron's interception comes at the 1:50 mark. Enjoy.

Ninety-two percent chance that dude murdered somebody Saturday night because video games cause violence.

(Photo: Sportige)

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