Tuesday, December 11, 2012

South Carolina's Lattimore Leaving for NFL

After rushing for 1,197 yards and 17 TDs on the way to the SEC Championship Game, Gamecocks true freshman running back Marcus Lattimore has announced he will enter the NFL Draft, where he'll likely be the first running back taken...

...is what we would've written three years ago if the NFL and NCAA weren't conspiring against student-athletes like Bolsheviks. Instead let's try this on for size...

...after seeing his last two seasons ended by horrific knee injuries for a $10,488 in-state scholarship, Marcus Lattimore will limp into the NFL Draft on the outside chance he can rehabilitate full-time and return from a horrible college knee injury like Willis McGahee did ten years ago.

Obviously I like the first one better, but as long as the NFL continues to get away with their ludicrous "three years out of high school" rule we're never going to see it. Instead Lattimore will enter the 2013 NFL Draft, hope a team takes a gamble on him, rehab for the next one to two years, and pray he still has some semblance of an NFL career. Hopefully Adrian Peterson's 10-month journey from "will he play at all next year?" to "will he break Eric Dickerson's record?" will convince a team to take a shot with Lattimore, a true class act who deserved better than the hand he was dealt by fate and a system that shouldn't legally exist in a capitalist society. We'll be rooting for him.

Unless he goes to the Jets.

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