Friday, February 8, 2013

Randy Edsall Shares Tale of Getting Chased While On Recruiting Visit

I imagine any coach that's spent some time on the recruiting trail has some very interesting stories to tell, but I'm not sure that many will top the one Randy Edsall shared on Wednesday during Maryland's National Signing Day news conference. Coach Edsall recounted a December trip to South Florida to visit wide receiver Will Likely in Belle Glade, FL, located near the southern shores of Lake Okeechobee. Edsall and defensive coordinator Brian Stewart were driving to Likely's house when the GPS took them on a course that put them in a hairy situation. You can read the full script from here, courtesy of Alex Prewitt and The Washington Post, but we're just going to give you the juicy part below:

It’s all sugarcane fields. There’s no lights. It’s dark, 7 or 8 O’clock at night in December. So I said no, this isn’t right. There’s a railroad track there. All of a sudden, there’s this development. Probably 10 houses. You take a left, take a right, there’s a church, nice homes there. Go down, take another left there. He said it’s on this street.
It’s so dark, you can’t even see the numbers on the houses. He’s going real, real slow. I said: ‘Brian, I’m telling you. This is not right.’ So he gets on the phone. True story. Will will let you know this later. Says, ‘Will, is this your address?’ Yes. That’s what he punched in. ‘Well we’re here, what’s your house?’ So we’re sitting there for five, seven minutes. Will says it’s not there. So we start to go. 
We’re going to take a left. Here comes a pickup truck. They’re staring at us like, ‘What the heck are you guys doing in here?’ Then we got a car that comes up behind us. So now there’s a car coming behind us. I said, ‘Brian, I think we ought to get out of here.’ So we take a left and go. 
Next thing you know, we’ve got both of them on our bumper in this little development. We get out on this highway. So Brian says, ‘Randy, hold on.’ 
We come flying out of this development. Take a right. The pickup truck tries to rear-end us. The other car tries to go outside us. He says, ‘Call 911.’ So I’m calling 911, I’m saying, ‘Hey, I’m the head coach at the University of Maryland. I know where we are, we’re getting chased. We didn’t do anything. We need a police officer to come out here.’ 
We drive for two and a half to three miles with people chasing us. Finally we get to the light. Brian outran them a bit. We get to the light, took a right and they stopped following us because we got out of things.

Come again? They had to call 9-1-1??? I think we've all gotten the "you don't belong here" look before, but very rarely is it followed by a 2-3 mile chase in which one car tries to rear-end you while the other one attempts to pin you in. This whole story just seems bizarre. A recruiting trip gone bad. My first thought was perhaps these were just some Miami fans trying to scare Edsall out of their backyard, but let's face it - they don't exist so we can cross that one off the list. I think I'm just going to assume that they accidentally stumbled across a meth lab. Either way, this is the last thing you'd expect to happen on a recruiting trip. At least they got Likely in the end.


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