Saturday, October 26, 2013

Gameday Signs: Week 9 in Eugene, OR

Gameday rolls into Eugene for the fifth consecutive year today, so if you wanna see three hours of sexually charged awkwardness between Lee Corso and a mascot get in here.

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Can't argue with facts:

Brutal. I love it.


Slow clap.

Honestly I think this is the first TGIF reference on Gameday...nicely done, 30 year-old who's still apparently in college:


Cuz they score points and stuff.

The nighttime Gameday's on the west coast always look cool as shit. Feels like such an event.

Nothing like some good, old fashioned racism...just don't even think about bringing a Barstool sign:

If these girls are in college I'm cashing Social Security checks:

Flight 504.

Easy fella.

There's always one nerd who thinks this is funny.

Better Urkel view. Coming out of that basement looking fresh and teaching us all that women were superficial skanks (eff you Laura Winslow):

5 to 1 odds some 15 year-old girl on the internet tracks this chick down and murders her:

Those who forget the past are doomed to hire Greg Schiano:

Ok...that's insanely creepy but kind of clever:

Second best anti Jim Mora sign of the AM:

Best anti Jim Mora sign of all time:

Open the season with ONE FCS loss and you never hear the end of it:

Don't start no shit...

...won't be no shit.

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