Monday, October 7, 2013

Jameis Winston is Playing With Cheat Codes

Through five games as a college quarterback Florida State's Jameis Winston has completed 73% of his passes, thrown for 1,441 yards, and tossed 17 TDs against only 2 picks. He had a career day in Tallahassee on Saturday, shredding a Maryland defense that was allowing 10 points per game for 393 yards and 5 TDs enroute to a 63-0 win.

THIS play:

MY GOD. It's like playing Nintendo with a Game Genie cartridge every time he steps on the field.

That's the best Winston GIF in...oh I don't know...a week?

I know people have survived at sea after shipwrecks for longer than Winston's been playing college football, but if he's not on your Heisman ballot after six weeks you're watching a different sport. Get this kid to New York, voters.

(Photo: LA Times)

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