Friday, October 4, 2013

Suspend Mike Davis. Forever.

Most of the focus on last night's screw job in Ames will revolve around the botched call that cost Iowa State the upset, but we need to talk about Mike Davis before he gets lost in the shuffle, because the Longhorns senior receiver dished out the dirtiest hit of the 2013 season last night:

How can the NCAA spend an entire offseason writing new rules for targeting to prevent injuries then let that fly with a 15-yard penalty on a kickoff? Isn't the whole point of the targeting rule to prevent people from causing injuries with illegal hits? Mike Davis dove at the knees of a defenseless player standing in the end zone like four seconds after a play was over. On what planet is that NOT an illegal hit aimed at causing an injury? Davis could've swung a lead pipe at Deon Broomfield's legs like Tonya Harding's boyfriend and it still would've been less blatant and dirty. There's absolutely NO room for that anywhere near a football field. Ever.

Bob Bowlsby: Forget a one half targeting suspension. Throw his ass out for the year.

(Photo: USA Today)

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