Monday, February 24, 2014

Highlight Monday: San Diego State RB Adam Muema

San Diego State's Adam Muema was projected as a 4th to 7th Round NFL Draft pick after running for 1,244 yards and 15 TDs in his final season with the Aztecs, but the Covina, CA native had the size and speed to leap up the draft board with a solid Combine performance.

This wasn't the kind of Combine performance scouts had in mind...

Muema left Indianapolis Sunday for religious reasons, claiming God told him if he skipped the workouts he'd be drafted by the Seahawks. Muema said playing for Seattle was his "dream," then told reporters you "can't go wrong with God," before leaving the Combine.

Sure, it might sound crazy for a kid to potentially give up NFL millions because he had a vision or something, but Muema actually has connections with a guy on Twitter and Instagram who claims he's the second coming of Jesus, so it's possible God spoke to him directly through a DM or tagged him in a photo in a Seahawks uniform. Can't misinterpret that. Mysterious ways, bro.

Here's your Highlight Monday, Adam. Hope it works out in Seattle...or Megiddo.

And why the hell not...BONUS VIDEO:

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