Friday, December 19, 2014

DC's Bowl Picks: Week 1

It's herrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrre!

After 17 weeks of football we've finally reached bowl season, and if you were worried about the College Football Playoff destroying this tradition you can forget about it. If anything, the Playoff has made the bowl system better. New Years games matter. The Citrus Bowl and the Peach Bowl are back. The Fiesta Bowl logo got all Ron Burgundy'd again (H/T Grandpa Flynn). We actually have awesome match ups to look forward to...and it's all going to be capped off by four uber-programs facing off in the most entertaining Final Four since Magic and Larry went head-to-head in 1979.

We're breaking the bowls up by week and doing our standard, Thursday, one line each picks this year, so it's time to hit the games through December 26th. Check back next week for more.

LA-Lafayette over Nevada: The Ragin' Cajuns winning this game is becoming more identifiable with New Orleans than jazz, hand grenades and Dooky Chase fried chicken.

Utah State over UTEP: If you like defense...sleep in. Also, I miss Breaking Bad. That is all.

Utah over Colorado State: Nothing against the Rams, but overachieving MWC teams who just lost their coach don't have a great postseason track record against Power 5 opponents; need an example? Look at Utah any time before 2012.

Air Force over Western Michigan: The Zoomies cap off an incredible turnaround and CIC Trophy winning season by denying the Broncos their first bowl win in history.

South Alabama over Bowling Green: We love the Falcons around here, but they haven't won a bowl game since 2004 and this is a home game for USA. Sorry, Hop.

BYU over Memphis: I one hundred percent believe Memphis is a better football team, but which squad do you think is more likely to get caught up in the extracurricular activities in the 305 and mail this one in?

Marshall over Northern Illinois: If you lived in Illinois or West Virginia how PUMPED would you be to go to Boca Raton this week? Break out the Frank Costanza resort wear!

San Diego State over Navy: In my head Navy and SD State play in this game every year; in reality it's only happened once in history. The more you know.

Western Kentucky over Central Michigan: Because CMU is STILL probably drinking and chance they're ready to play after this.

Rice over Fresno State:'s our first sub .500 entry to the 2014 postseason! It's preposterous that a 6-7 season is rewarded with a trip to Honlulu, but I can't knock the hustle.

Louisiana Tech over Illinois: Another bonus of the new bowl saeason: we're done playing this game on New Years Day and pretending it's the Cotton Bowl.

North Carolina over Rutgers: The Tar Heels have been lights out since their narrow loss to Notre Dame, and I'm still too bitter about Rutgers ruining Big Ten football to pick them.

UCF over NC State: UCF has won three straight bowl games and gave us this last time we saw them on the field. Good enough for me.

Enjoy the games kids.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Nike Releases College Football Playoff Uniforms

What do you think, Nick?

Good to see them not go completely off the wall with it...just four sharp, traditional looks with some cool extras:

That's nice. At least Ohio State players will have the peace of mind that the Alabama cleats running over their chests all night are helping the environment.

Video of the Day

Jaylen Walton's 91-yard TD run in the Egg Bowl capped off a 17 point Ole Miss surge in the third quarter that put the Rebels ahead for good. The result ruined Mississippi State's hopes for a trip to the first ever college football playoff, while it provided the boost the Rebels needed to make it into the New Years Six. Nothing like using a rivalry game for personal betterment while killing the hopes and dreams of your most hated adversary.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Video of the Day

Am I couple weeks late posting the UCF-ECU Hail Mary video? Yes.

Will you care after watching it with the Knights radio call? Probably not.

Quite the roller coaster of emotional stomach punches if you're an ECU fan:

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Alabama Bans "Dixieland Delight" to Protect Your Virgin Ears

Got a cool stadium tradition that ties your state, school and biggest rivalry together? NOT ANYMORE YOU DON'T.

I'd love to say this is surprising, but welcome to America in 2014. If one person is offended WE ALL HAVE TO BE OFFENDED, so let's gear all of our entertainment to the lowest denominator. Here's what they're getting rid of if you think you can handle it:

I hate to break it to you Mr. Battle, but unless you're banning the fans, players, media and staff from entering Bryant-Denny, or banning the Iron Bowl all together, you're never going to stop Alabama fans from screaming "Fuck Auburn" in front of a bunch of kids whose first words were probably "Roll Tide" and "Fuck Auburn" in the first place.

At least Morgantown still loves freedom:

And hates Pitt:

Monday, December 15, 2014

Navy Beats Army...Again

ESPN - The game was over, and it was time for Navy to celebrate its 13th straight victory over Army. After the Midshipmen stood respectfully for Army's alma mater, defensive ends Paul Quessenberry and Will Anthony hoisted Ken Niumatalolo on their shoulders to give the winningest football coach in Navy history a free ride in the wake of a 17-10 triumph Saturday. Niumatalolo (56-35) broke a tie with George Welsh for most wins at Navy. He also became the first to win his first seven games against Army (4-8). Asked about his awkward jaunt aboard the two players, Niumatalolo said, "I tried to get down. I have so much respect for Army, I didn't want to upstage anyone."

Thirteen years. THIRTEEN. That's longer than FDR was in the White House, yet somehow it's been thirteen years since Army beat Navy in a football game. How is that possible when both schools face the exact same recruiting and scheduling challenges, frequently recruit the same players, and spend the entire year prepping for this game?

I don't know...but it sucks.

It sucks that another class of Army football players will leave West Point without knowing how it feels to beat Navy. It sucks that every soldier deployed anywhere in the world needs to take another year of crap from the sailors on base. It sucks that every kid who has entered the U.S. Military Academy since the September 11th attacks has tasted nothing but defeat in The Army-Navy Game. It sucks that the greatest rivalry in American sports has been turned into the Globetrotters and Generals. And it sucks that I'm going to write this exact same blog next December after we have to watch Navy pound Army again.

Go Army. Beat Navy. Make this a game worth watching again.


Monday Medicine: UAB Blazers


Sure, your state government systematically destroyed your program to keep the Tide dominant and you just earned bowl eligibility for only the second time in history, but "you don't know what you don't know."

I can't believe Watts made it out of there alive. That was a Timothy McVeigh level perp walk: