Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Wager Wednesday: Bowl Week

It's Christmas vacation and you've got better things to do than sit around reading snarky college football picks, but jussssttttt in case you're still in the office this week we're running through all of the December 23-29 bowl games in this week's Wager Wednesday. We'll be back next week with our picks for the remaining games and the College Football Playoff. Merry Christmas ya filthy animals.

BOISE STATE (-8) vs. NORTHERN ILLINOIS: The Broncos and Huskies meet in a battle of mid-majors that miss the BCS...give us the Broncs for old time's sake. The Pick: Boise State.

GEORGIA SOUTHERN (+7.5) vs. BOWLING GREEN: The Georgia Southern offense is worth clicking over to ESPN, but they can't keep up with the Falcons. The Pick: BGSU.

MTSU (+4.5) vs. WESTERN MICHIGAN: I don't know if the Bahamas Bowl has the same appeal now that winter doesn't exist anymore, but I'll go with #MACtion. The Pick: Western Michigan.

SAN DIEGO STATE (-1.5) vs. CINCINNATI: The Bearcats won't have a quarterback in Honolulu...just like both Pro Bowl teams. The Pick: SDSU.

UCONN (+5) vs. MARSHALL: I prayed for this match-up every year that I lived in St. Pete and had friends coaching at UConn. Now that neither is true my prayers have been answered. Alanis Morissette should write a song about me. The Pick: UConn.

MIAMI (+2.5) vs. WASHINGTON STATE: Marquee programs tend to crap the bed in the Sun Bowl (see: USC), but I can't bring myself to pick Wazzu over the Canes. The Pick: Miami.

WASHINGTON (-8.5) vs. SOUTHERN MISS: I don't know what Zaxby's is, but every time I see the name I picture the department store from A Christmas Story. Ho, Ho, Hooooo: The Pick: U-Dub.

INDIANA (-2.5) vs. DUKE: We've been over this: Miami killed Duke. The Pick: Indiana.

TULSA (+14) vs. VIRGINIA TECH: Does it bother anyone else that the Independence Bowl isn't in Philly anymore? No? Ok, nevermind. Bon voyage, Frank. The Pick: Virginia Tech.

UCLA (-6.5) vs. NEBRASKA: I don't care how many points they're getting...I'm not picking a 5-7 team in a bowl game. The Pick: UCLA.

PITT (+3) vs. NAVY: I hope the Pitt players aren't as fired up by this destination as their fans are. The Pick: Navy.

CENTRAL MICHIGAN (+6) vs. MINNESOTA: Oh look, it's every regular season, Doris Burke, noon start game in ESPN history! The Pick: Minnesota.

CAL (-7) vs. AIR FORCE: Air Force has lost more Armed Forces Bowl than any other program, so there's no sense messing with tradition. The Pick: Cal.

NORTH CAROLINA (-1) VS. BAYLOR: Baylor is the biggest disappointment of the 2015 season. When they're healthy I truly believe they're the best team in the country, which makes it all the more upsetting that they're probably starting a kicker at QB this week. The Pick: North Carolina.

NEVADA (+3) vs. COLORADO STATE: There are too many bowl games. The Pick: Colorado St.

LSU (-7) vs. TEXAS TECH: If the Texas Tech offensive line can hold up for four to five seconds per play this is going to be insanely entertaining, so why not take the points? The Pick: Texas Tech. 

Take us home, Kevin:

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Wager Wednesday: Bowl Season, Week 1

We're not doing a preview for every bowl game this year because we're lazy, the Playoff has rendered most of these games even more pointless than they were, and once again, we're lazy. Instead we'll be rolling out Wager Wednesday style picks throughout the postseason so you can get slaughtered in your Bowl Pick Em Pool (if our Wager Wednesday performance this year is any indication). Here's the first dose, covering all five game this Saturday...check back next week for more updates:

GEORGIA STATE (+4) vs. SAN JOSE STATE: The first ever Cure Bowl gives us all the exciting chance to...ummm...see the newly renovated Orlando Citrus Bowl! So that's something! Georgia State was 1-23 under Trent Miles entering the season and started their 2015 campaign 2-6, so it's no small miracle that they're even here. I'll take the points for a team that hot. The Pick: Georgia State.

ARIZONA (-11.5) vs. NEW MEXICO: Last time Arizona played in the New Mexico Bowl they came back from a 21-0 deficit in one of the highest scoring, most entertaining games of the 2012 postseason. I don't think they're going to need that kind of last minute effort to knock off the Lobos. The line's high enough to scare me, but in Rich Rod We Trust [vomits forever]. The Pick: Arizona.

BYU (+2.5) vs. UTAH: Utah entered this season with much higher hopes than back-to-back Las Vegas Bowl victories, but they can secure their first 10-win season since joining the Pac-12 with a win over the injury riddled Cougars. The Utes have dealt with their own share of injuries and have faded down the stretch after starting 8-1 and reaching the #3 spot in the AP Poll, but I like them enough to take them covering a field goal in their home away from home. The Pick: Utah. 

APPALACHIAN STATE (-9.5) vs. OHIO: The Mountaineers are headed to Alabama in their first bowl eligible FBS season, while the Bobcats are seeking their first postseason win since 2012. The Mountaineers aren't the FCS juggernaut we all knew a decade ago, but they were still extremely impressive this year, with their only losses coming to Clemson and conference champion Arkansas State. I like them outright, but that spread's a little too ridiculous when #MACtion is in play. The Pick: Ohio.

ARKANSAS STATE (-1) vs. LOUISIANA TECH: No team from outside Louisiana has won the New Orleans Bowl since we launched Double Coverage five seasons ago. No sense messing with tradition...I'll take the point. The Pick: LA Tech.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Highlight Tuesday: Heisman Winner Derrick Henry

He may not have topped our final ballot, but it's pretty hard to argue against Alabama's Derrick Henry taking home the 205 Heisman Trophy. 1,986 yards. 23 TDs. Four 200-yard rushing games (topping Bo Jackson's SEC record). Conference champion. Maxwell, Doak Walker and Walter Camp winner. As Norm MacDonald would say, they can't take that away from you. Unless...

That's worth the Highlight Monday treatment...even if it's a day late:

BONUS: ICYMI, Henry's family celebrating the Heisman announcement will remind you why you watch sports and love humanity in the first place:

Not a bad haul, Derrick. Now there's only one trophy left:

Monday, December 14, 2015

Monday Medicine: West Point

I don't know what to say anymore. Another December trip to Philadelphia, another heartbreaking loss to Navy. This has to be the most excruciating run in the history of college football. If I was a player at Army and had to accept SMU's Death Penalty in exchange for beating Navy when we got football back I'd do it in less than a second. Check out what we wrote about Army's last minute loss in 2011:

That was FIVE seasons ago! Take all of that misery and depression and futility...and add half a decade to it...that's Army football in 2015. The seniors on this year's Army team were in high school when we wrote that. That's the program they inherited, and now they're leaving West Point with an 0-4 mark against Navy like a decade of players before them. That is incomprehensibly brutal. Hire Chip Kelly or something, guys. This can't continue.

In the spirit of Academy football, here's a triple option dose of Monday Medicine:

For the love of all that is holy...

Or at least...

Saturday, December 12, 2015

#SingSecond: Your Army-Navy Round-Up

Here at Double Coverage we've always prided ourselves on our Army-Navy coverage, but life got in the way this week (ironically in the form of military obligations) and we couldn't bring you our normal Army-Navy hype. As a mea culpa here's your one stop gameday destination for College Gameday signs, hype videos, uniforms, highlights, our pick for the game and some of our favorite Army-Navy classics from the DC vault. Go America, Sing Second. 

EDITOR'S NOTE: We've tried 15 times and can't get this post to stop centering itself. We know it's the most annoying thing ever, so let's all look at some picture and movies:


DC's Final Heisman Ballot

1. CHRISTIAN McCAFFREY, RB,WR,KR,PR,QB, STANFORD: Last week we said McCaffrey's sophomore numbers warranted a trip to New York but that they wouldn't get him on stage. We were wrong. Stanford's Mr. Everything put on a SHOW in the Pac-12 title game and eclipsed Barry Sanders' single season yardage record in the process:

Impressive enough, but highlights speak louder than tweets:

I don't care that he's a sophomore and I don't care that his team's not in the Playoff; by every possible measure Christian McCaffrey is the Most Outstanding Player in college football. If he doesn't win it tonight it's not because he didn't deserve it...it's because the braintrust in the Pac-12 front office insists on having him play at midnight on the east coast when every Heisman voter over the age of 45 is polishing off his goodnight brandy. McCaffrey's our pick, and it's not even close.

2. DERRICK HENRY, RB, ALABAMA: Henry's still the consensus pick for the award, and he's certainly got the stats to justify it after his 189 yard SEC Championship performance pushed him to 1,986 on the season (with 23 TDs). My problem with the Henry voters is that he's filling a Heisman sized gap in the season more than he's actually standing out as a likely winner. His stats aren't as good as McCaffrey's and he's not nearly as versatile, but he rushed for more than 1,900 yards and led one of the sports most storied programs back to the College Football Playoff. That's cool and everything, but if I've learned one thing watching Nick Saban's Tide offenses it's that you, me and whoever you got in your office Secret Santa this year could probably run for 1,500 yards in that system. Henry has definitely been consistent and dominant enough to warrant his selection, but I feel like the only people picking him are using the "best player on the best team" logic and not looking at the big picture. But as long as we're breaking out the youth football highlights...can you imagine having to tackle this kid when you were 14???

Neither could anybody else his senior year at Yulee:

3. DESHAUN WATSON, QB, CLEMSON: You can repeat everything I said about Henry and just substitute Clemson's AP Poll voters for Alabama's in the "best player on the best team" category. Forty one TDs, 4,400 all-purpose yards, an undefeated season and an ACC championship should certainly get you in the conversation, but I've never turned to someone next to me during a Clemson game and said "THAT'S the Most Outstanding Player in college football."

Sorry Deshaun...here's some highlights to make me look like an idiot:

Plus, you don't want that Heisman curse anyway...you've got a title to win.

4. KEENAN REYNOLDS, QB, NAVY: I know Keenan Reynolds isn't a finalist, but that doesn't mean I have to leave him off my ballot. He might not finish the night with a Heisman, but at least he can #SingSecond.

Thursday, December 3, 2015

DC's Heisman Ballot: Week 14

We're far enough into the season to discard the Heisman ballot categories and roll right into it because this is clearly a four person race now. Leonard Fournette fell off the face of the Earth after LSU imploded. Trevone Boykin and Baylor's entire offense got hurt. Dalvin Cook...well, Dalvin Cook actually had a monster season but for some reason Heisman voters are reluctant to invite a Florida State standout who recently assaulted a woman...can't imagine why. As for Navy's Keenan Reynolds, voters who have railed against his candidacy have claimed the Heisman isn't a "career achievement award," and ESPN has agreed enough to pull him off their ballot completely:

So here we are. With one day of meaningful football left we're on to the final four...

1. DERRICK HENRY, RB, ALABAMA: Henry probably locked this thing up with his 271 yard performance in the Iron Bowl which pushed his season total to 1,797 yards and eclipsed Trent Richardson's Alabama record. Another strong performance in the SEC Championship Game should swing the seven (of 30) Gannett survey respondents who don't have Henry leading their ballot.

2. DESHAUN WATSON, QB, CLEMSON: Watson's 393 yard, 4 TD game against South Carolina kept the Tigers perfect and finally planted him firmly the Heisman discussion. The dual threat star will go over 4,000 yards of total offense on Clemson's first drive Saturday night, and a solid outing against an 11-1 North Carolina team (and #1 Playoff seed) might be enough to sway voters who don't think Henry has been dominant enough to warrant his frontrunner status.

3. CHRISTIAN McCAFFREY, EVERYTHING, STANFORD: Let's be honest, they're not giving the Heisman to a sophomore running back. That said, the kid is 216 yards away from breaking Barry Sanders' record for all-purpose yards in a season, and deserves a free trip to Manhattan. He'll be back.

4. BAKER MAYFIELD, QB, OKLAHOMA: Why not? The kid threw for a billion yards and won the Big 12. Give him a plane ticket.