Wednesday, October 29, 2014

DC's Week 10 Picks

*All rankings based on College Football Playoff Committee Top 25


#2 Florida State over #25 Louisville: If everyone in the world calls it a Trap Game is it still a Trap Game?


#1 Mississippi State over Arkansas: The Hogs don't make it easy on anyone, but Prescott takes care of business.
#3 Auburn at #4 Ole Miss: DC's Game of the Week
#5 Oregon over Stanford: Every year I pick Oregon. Every year they get dominated up front and I look like an idiot.
#20 West Virginia over #7 TCU: I don't trust road teams in's like fighting a land war in Russia.
#9 Kansas State over Oklahoma State: Bill Snyder is going to outlive and outcoach all of us.
#10 Notre Dame over Navy: The Mids haven't beat the Irish in Maryland since 1956. Why start now?
#11 Georgia over Florida: Can the NCAA just let Todd Gurley play for Florida and make this interesting?
#12 Arizona over #22 UCLA: Dirty Little Pac-12 Secret: UCLA sucks.
#13 Baylor over Kansas: Kansas has looked so much better since firing Charlie Weis that I almost expect them to win this.
#14 Arizona State over #17 Utah: Your weekly Top 20 match-up that the Pac-12 is burying in the 11PM ET time slot. Thanks, Larry.
#15 Nebraska over Purdue: We only have a handful of Ameer Abdullah games left. Enjoy them.
#16 Ohio State over Illinois: This is the EXACT kind of game Ohio State would've lost ten years ago, but the talent gap is way too wide in the 2014 B1G.
#18 Oklahoma over Iowa State: Remember when Oklahoma mattered, like, three weeks ago?
#23 ECU over Temple: I'm tempted to take the Owls here, but every time I pick them they play like garbage. #ReverseJinxJustForYouMullin
#24 Duke over Pitt: Somebody's gotta win the ACC Coastal. If it can't be the Carolina Panthers it might as well be Duke.

Air Force over Army: The Zoomies nab their third Commander-in-Chief's Trophy in five years with a win over the Black Knights.
Coast Guard, Merchant Marine: Idle.

DC's Top 10: Week 10

1. MISSISSIPPI STATE (7-0): The Bulldogs survived a scare in Kentucky with another offensive explosion, but this time the bulk of the work came from Josh Robinson, proving they're more than a one Heisman pony. They've embarrassed every team they've played and they're doing it in the best division in football. I'm sold.

2. FLORIDA STATE (7-0): Barring a completely inexplicable and inexcusable collapse against any of their remaining opponents the Seminoles are a lock for a 13-0 finish and a trip to the Playoff. Jameis Winston's 2nd half against Notre Dame was one of the most impressive displays I've ever seen, and the defense is finally getting it together.

3. AUBURN (6-1): Like we said yesterday, the Tigers have completely given up on defense and are going to live and die by their "outscore everyone in shootouts" strategy. We haven't seen it work in the SEC West yet (sup, Johnny Football?), so Auburn may be living on borrowed time.

4. ALABAMA (7-1): The Alabama offense is finally starting to click and the rest of the SEC West teams are beating the hell out of each other. I can't even imagine what the boosters will buy Saban if he sneaks into the Playoff at 12-1 this winter.

5. OREGON (7-1): The Ducks have been lurking in the periphery since their loss to Arizona, but if they can finally get the Stanford monkey off their back this week they're right back in the Playoff discussion. They're getting healthy at the right time up front.

Gurley Suspended Four Games

ESPN - Georgia running back Todd Gurley must sit out two more games for accepting more than $3,000 in cash from multiple individuals for autographed memorabilia, the NCAA ruled Wednesday. Georgia issued a statement Wednesday saying it plans to appeal the decision "immediately." The NCAA membership committee that oversees the reinstatement process will review the appeal this week. The committee can reduce or remove the conditions the staff has imposed, but cannot increase them.

According to the NCAA, Gurley received the cash for signing memorabilia and other items over two years and must repay a portion of the money he received to a charity of his choice and also complete 40 hours of community service as conditions of his reinstatement.

Honest question: who the hell does the NCAA think they are? The Supreme Court? The Hague? An actual court or governing body? They must, right? Otherwise they can't possibly think it's ok to deny an adult the opportunity to profit off his talent, ban him from playing football, charge him a fine, and force him to do community service. Let's be clear about one thing: the NCAA has NO authority over Todd Gurley and this is an absolute sham.

If Todd Gurley is an NCAA employee then he's entitled to a salary, healthcare and other benefits that he's being denied.

If Todd Gurley is not an NCAA employee then he's entitled to earn a damn living and profit off his likeness (or his name on a football in Sharpie).

The NCAA can't have it both ways anymore.

PS: Every UGA fan in America read this news, looked at their schedule for the next two weeks, and immediately booked a hotel room for the SEC Championship Game with this look on their face:

Tim Tebow Needs to Shut Up

CBS SportsTim Tebow...has been one of the Gators' most optimistic supporters, and he was back at it with a pep talk for fans after an ugly home loss to Missouri in The Swamp last week.

"This goes out to the Florida Gator fans. And it's personal for me because I've been a Florida Gator fan since I can remember, since I was a little boy. Over the course of the last 20-something years, we have been blessed to have a much success as any university out there -- three national championships, a lot of amazing seasons.
"So as a Florida fan, I'm saying to the rest of you Florida fans, it's OK to have your own opinion. It's OK to call the Paul Finebaum Show and say whatever you want. I'm not saying anything about that. But when you're at the game, let's be better than these other universities that boo their student-athletes.

Hey, Timmy. Do us all a favor and just be quiet for the rest of the season, ok? People aren't booing 19-year-olds who are trying their butts off. People are booing a coach whose attitude and incompetence are an embarrassment to the program. People are booing a team that thinks this is acceptable:

People are booing a team that's an OT victory and a Tennessee field goal away from being winless in the SEC: 

And last time we checked you weren't a huge fan either:

So why don't we all cut the "Yay Rah Rah" Mighty Ducks crap, cut our losses, endure the last month of the season, pray for a win against Florida State, and count the glorious seconds until we can wake up in a world where Will Muschamp is a former Florida football coach.

If you want to lecture people about crap that doesn't matter save it for Good Morning America.

Wager Wednesday

We're back on a roll with Wager Wednesday after posting another 5-2 mark in Week 9, so let's get this week's picks in before Terry Benedict finds out how we HACKED INTO HIS SYSTEM.

DUKE (-3) at PITT: I hate betting games at Pitt because weird stuff always happens there, but it's not like the rest of the ACC is a model of common sense and order so let's do it. Heinz Field Vortex or not, the Blue Devils defense is too good. The Pick: Duke.

MARYLAND (+3.5) at PENN STATE: If Maryland didn't owe Randy Edsall the GDP of South America he would've already been fired like six times. This Terps team has no identity other than "Not Belonging in the Big Ten." The Pick: Penn State.

BIG 12
TCU (-6) at WEST VIRGINIA: This line has already moved two points in West Virginia's favor, and it might drop to 3 or 4 by Saturday if you want to get TCU at a bargain. I don't trust road teams in Morgantown on a normal day, so I'm definitely not laying points with the Gameday crew in town and 70,000 people drinking like they're going to the electric chair tomorrow before filling the stadium. The Pick: West Virginia. 

ARIZONA (+6.5) at UCLA: Fun fact: while you were reading this sentence Brett Hundley got sacked three times. Give me the points. The Pick: Arizona.

ARKANSAS (+10.5) at MISSISSIPPI STATE: The Kentucky game might have been a sign of things to come, and this Arkansas team plays everybody close. Too many points. The Pick: Arkansas, +10.5.

AUBURN (+2) at OLE MISS: The winner has an inside track to the SEC Championship Game and the College Football Playoff. The loser will have a nice time at the Chick-fil-A Bowl. Auburn has reached the point where they can only win by outscoring people, and that offense first strategy isn't going to work against the Rebels. The Pick: Ole Miss. 

FLORIDA STATE (-4.5) at LOUISVILLE: If you wanted to create a Trap Game for the Seminoles with the Weird Science computer this is what you'd get. It's a weeknight, on the road, in an unfamiliar environment, against a jacked up opponent playing one of the biggest games in program history, on the heels of a huge win and a bye week. Whatever. Champions do champion things. The Pick: Florida State.

Might as well...

Most underrated movie of the last 25 years.

Karlos Williams Will Play for FSU Thursday

Orlando SentinelFSU running back Karlos Williams will be available to play in Thursday’s game against Louisville.

Coach Jimbo Fisher addressed media Tuesday and made his first public comments on Williams since reports surfaced that the senior was being investigated by the Tallahassee Police Department in relation to two separate incidents. Fisher said that Williams will play, but declined to comment any further on Williams’ status.

"The school is aware of everything that's going on and they made a statement, so I have no more to comment,” Fisher said. FSU athletics released a statement Monday that said it was aware of the investigation and that Williams’ status with the team is under review while gathering more information. Williams is being investigated for alleged domestic battery. The alleged battery was reported to Tallahassee police on Saturday, the department announced in a statement Monday.

Wait a second. A Florida State football player is facing felony charges and they're letting him play anyway?

Real Talk though:

Playoff Selection Committee Releases Initial Rankings

ESPNThe College Football Playoff selection committee has spoken -- and it likes the SEC.

At least for now.
Mississippi State, Florida State, Auburn and Mississippi are the top four teams in the first College Football Playoff rankings.
The first of seven Top 25 rankings compiled by a 12-member selection committee was released Tuesday night. The selection committee will ultimately pick the four teams to play in the national semifinals and set the matchups for the other four big New Year's Day bowls that are part of the playoff rotation.

The College Football Playoff Selection Committee let the world into their bunker for the first time last night and unveiled the initial CFP Top 25 (once they were done with the painfully over the top dramatic intro). Here's their Top 10 (full list here):

7. TCU

Three quick, initial thoughts:

1. We're definitely getting more than one SEC team in the Playoff. This was probably self-evident before the season began, but Ole Miss losing to a two-loss team and still making the first Playoff cut means the Committee is going to SEC teams a benefit of the doubt that other teams won't enjoy.

2. So much for Notre Dame not getting hurt by the Florida State loss. After they nearly topped the Noles in Tallahassee every talking head with a microphone was keeping the Irish in his Top 5. The Irish have a massive hill to climb if they're going to reach the Top 4, especially when you consider their remaining strength of schedule relative to the teams ahead of them.

3. This is going to be awesome. After waiting over 100 years we're finally getting an actual CFB Playoff, and as much as we had fun knocking the over dramatic presentation last night we were certainly more pumped than we ever were for ESPN's Bowl Projections after Week 9. This is going to be a massive success and it's going to expand to at least eight teams by the end of the decade.