Monday, March 23, 2015

Highlight Monday: Ohio State Buckeyes

It's the middle of the NCAA Tournament and nobody gives a damn about college football, so this is me finally giving Ohio State credit because I know nobody is actually looking.

Congrats, Jimmy.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Big Ten Mulls "Year of Readiness" for Freshmen

ESPNThe Big Ten is seeking feedback from its members about the possibility of making freshman athletes ineligible for competition as they adjust to college life. In a statement to, the league says it is gauging interest from its members about a "national discussion regarding a year of readiness for student-athletes." The league has provided background to its members about such a step but has made no official proposal. 

"The rules surrounding freshmen ineligibility don't fall within the areas of autonomy, which means either conferences choose to adopt the policy on their own or the legislation is voted on by the entire division," the NCAA said in a statement issued Friday.
The Diamondback, the student newspaper at Maryland, reported Thursday that the Big Ten is circulating a document titled "A Year of Readiness," which explores making freshmen in football and men's basketball ineligible for competition.

Good looking out Big Ten! I'd hate to see a bunch of kids who are only going to college for one reason actually use their talents or accomplish their goals. Much better to continue parading them around as "student-athletes" while continually depriving them of any inherently American rights or opportunities to earn a living.

Let's be serious guys; if you let Rutgers play right away you pretty much have to let freshmen do it. But hey, there's no way a true freshmen could compete in the Big Ten, right?

Monday, March 9, 2015

Highlight Monday: College Football.

Man...the offseason really drags along when there's not a scandal at Penn State to write about. Here's a friendly reminder that Saturdays will be exciting again in roughly six months.

Hurry up, September.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

While You Were Reading This Alabama Claimed Another National Championship

We've had a lot of fun teasing Alabama and Texas A&M fans about their "national championships" over the years, but we never took the time to actually analyze illegitimate national title claims and see if they're really the worst offenders. Thankfully for lazy guys like us Reddit already did the work. Here's the list...

Read the full article (and the comments) HERE.

I always thought those signs in the end zone at Heinz Field were suspect...thanks for confirming it, internet.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Rece Davis to Replace Chris Fowler on College Gameday

I guess this counts as news in the dead of the offseason?

I love Fowler. I love Rece. Corso's still gonna be a drunken lunatic and the signs are still going to be awesome. Works for me.

Cheers, homey.

Monday, March 2, 2015

The NCAA Can't Stop Doing NCAA Things

Uproxx - Silas Nacita was a walk-on running back for the Baylor University football team who was making it work in the classroom and on the field as a non-scholarship player. Without the financial means to afford a place to live near campus, nor any outside help from the athletic department, he began sleeping any place he could find, usually on the floor of a friend’s apartment. Recently, however, a close family friend was able to set him up with his own place. This is where everything went sideways. According to the NCAA rules, that type of “handout” constitutes a violation, so Nacita was ruled ineligible on Tuesday.

They're trolling us now, right? I mean, I know we seemingly have a weekly feature about the NCAA making an utterly moronic decision that drives another nail into the coffin where they buried their core values under a pile of TV money, but this is too far. This has to be a joke. Still not convinced the NCAA is just effing with us? This was posted by their official Twitter account THE NEXT DAY:

I'm sorry, but I absolutely refuse to believe any of this is real life anymore. Fool me once? Shame on you. Fool me every week for four years?

You're not gonna fool me again.

BONUS READ: SI's feature about Salsa. Definitely worth the time and effort.

(H/T @cggator) 

Friday, February 27, 2015

Notre Dame is Recruiting Rutgers Players Because the Universe Hates Me

I love Notre Dame. I hate Rutgers. This tweet is my Hindenburg:

That's a Notre Dame recruiting package that the Irish sent to Chris Muller. Chris Muller is a redshirt junior at Rutgers. Ladies and gentlemen, the worst sentence I will ever type on this blog:

Rutgers is a Big Ten football program and Notre Dame has fallen far enough to accidentally recruit their back-ups.

Save me, Joe Montana...